Sunday, March 25, 2012

Hunger Games Trivia Contest

Teens competed in a Hunger Games Trivia Contest for their chance to win a movie gift card to use to see The Hunger Games in theaters this past Thursday. Each teen represented a different district chosen at random before facing off in this unique Trivia Contest. 

There were 3 rounds of questions. After each question, teens had to navigate an obstacle course and before being able to answer. When they got it right, they could advance and keep their spot. When they were wrong, they had to pull from a chance drawing to find out if they were alive, wounded or dead. 
The obstacle course: tributes had to turn in a circle 3 times before zig-zagging through chairs, into a tunnel & sit in the chair to answer the trivia question before their opponent!

Just like The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins, there could only be one victor! Check out these pictures from the program:

Game Makers: Miss Theresa & Miss Jessica

Leesa was a master at getting through the tunnels quickly!
Getting through the tunnels in the obstacle course proved difficult.
Action shot!                                             

Emma was wounded after losing to Katie in the obstacle course.
Sandy received a Dead slip and provided the tributes with cannon sounds with they drew Dead slips.   

Katie drew a Dead slip!