Friday, July 27, 2012

2012 Stuffed Animal Sleepover

We had 19 special stuffed animal friends spend the night at the library from July 25th-26th for the Stuffed Animal Sleepover and you can tell they had lots of fun... while getting into tons of mischief! Check out some pictures from the night:

Rex fought Kermit West in a light saber battle!

Just checking out some summer reading prizes...

Swinging from the lights!!

Animals loved the rock displays as much as the kids!

Free Dinosaur rides!

Best friends Pegasus & Buss Buss played checkers.

Most popular activity was CART RACES!

Little J found Waldo!

Mischief Managed.

Ghost stories around the campfire. OOooooooo!

These were found in the copier when library staff opened the next day.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Summer Reading Update: we are in the middle of week 5 out of 8!

In the Children's Area, a bulletin board displays total hours read last year. 

Can we beat last year's reading hours? We are currently at 1535 hours.
Summer reading ends on Friday, August 17th, so make sure to get your prize slips in to count toward our summer total hours read!