Friday, July 30, 2010

Staff Book Review

Inside Out
by Maria V. Snyder, 2010

Book Description: Trella's life is consumed by her job-- testing, cleaning, and making sure the pipes in her world are working. She spends her free time exploring the forbidden Upper Levels, but Trella's solitary, peaceful life is about to be disturbed when a prophet comes and promises a better life for her people.

I was browsing our card catalog to see if Ms. Snyder (author) wrote more books and found Inside Out in our Young Adult Room. Well, I thought, let's take it home, I can read the first chapter and return the book to the library if it is boring...

Little did I know! I got hooked! The young heroine drew me into her story and I had to keep on reading and reading and reading. The ending was great- quite unexpected. And guess what! There will be a sequel in 2011. 

URSULA'S WARNING: Only take the book out on a weekend, or take it with you on vacation. You may want to check out her "grown up" books if you like soft sci-fy fantasy.

P.S. There is violence and death. The heroine gets hurt. :(


Reviewed by Ursula

Did Ursula's review make you want to read Inside Out? Get your library card ready & click here for the listing in the Burlington County Library's Card Catalog!

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