Friday, September 17, 2010

Staff Book Review

Rules for School
by Alec Greven, 2010

Book Description: School is hard! There's a lot to know, like where to sit on the bus, how to find your way around the halls, and what to do to make sure you stay on your teacher's good side. Lucky for you Alec Greven has just turned eleven, and he's seen it all. Alec passes down his sixth-grade wisdom and gives advice that will help every student who's starting out or just started out on the wrong foot.

Recommended for grades K and up.

Every child that will be attending school in the future, currently going to school, even grown-ups that have experienced school should read this book! Some of it might even apply to going to college! Alec Greven is back again with his down-to-Earth way of telling the reader how it is. I loved every minute of it, from the facts he provides (21% of kids are excited to go to school, 70% of kids are scared, and 9% of kids just don't really care) to his advice about asking questions, don't make mom mad, school picture day and homework (there are 2 steps to homework: 1. Bring home 2. Do it 3. Bring back to school).

I strongly recommend this to any child nervous about the first day of school.

Reviewed by Miss Theresa

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